01. The company is [contemplating] moving its head office from Columbus to Detroit.
02. Now that she has finished a year at college, Sophie is [contemplating] changing from her fine arts program to a graphic arts program.
03. As Marly nears the end of high school, he needs to [contemplate] his future plans.
04. Jason is worried that his friend Mark is depressed, and may actually be [contemplating] suicide.
05. The yoga room at the rec center is a nice place to practice quiet [contemplation].
06. Judy has been [contemplating] leaving Paul, as they don't seem to want the same things out of life.
07. My wife is a very quiet, [contemplative] sort of person who rarely gets angry.
08. He was lost in [contemplation] as he stared into the fireplace.
09. We went for a wonderful [contemplative] walk along the beach this morning.
10. The government has been [contemplating] the recommendations of the commission for weeks.
11. My son is [contemplating] going travelling in Europe after finishing high school.
12. Failure of the peace talks is a possibility which is simply too terrible to [contemplate].
13. The monks spent the afternoon in silent [contemplation].
14. She sat on the beach and [contemplated] the incredible beauty of nature.
15. Anne was very [contemplative] at the meeting this morning. I think she is about to make a big decision.
16. Edgar Allen Poe once said, "That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating, and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the [contemplation] of the beautiful."
17. Rachel Carson once observed that those who [contemplate] the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
18. Midge Decter once remarked that ideas are powerful things requiring not a studious [contemplation], but an action, even if it is only an inner action.
19. David Hume once noted that beauty in things exists in the mind which [contemplates] them.
20. The Prophet Mohammed once said that a Muslim who meets with others and shares their burdens is better than one who lives a life of seclusion and [contemplation].

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